Seeing the northern lights

For my second Iceland vacation, I decided to do something I hadn’t had the opportunity to do on my first trip: see the Northern Lights. My first trip wasn’t during the winter, which is when the Northern Lights are visible. While I went on a self-guided tour on my initial trip to the country — which I do recommend if you like to explore on your own — I decided to look at Iceland vacation packages for my second venture, and I’m glad I did. I settled on a Northern Lights cruise, and it was incredible!



I’d been on cruises before, but this one was totally different. Of course, Iceland itself is unlike any other place on the planet, but when you throw in such a phenomenon it becomes even more special. The ship I was on was really nice, and it even had free Wifi in each of the suites. During the day you could either lounge in the ship, take part in the activities onboard, or go on sightseeing and hunting excursions. I did go on a day tour, and that was fun. The food was great, they had a light spread out for the Northern Lights shows, and each night when it was time to go out to see the Lights there was a nice hot drink bar set up.


Fortunately, the sky was clear during my trip and we could all see the Iceland Northern Lights each night of the cruise. The guide on-board was awesome, entertaining, and so knowledgeable about all that we were seeing — it was like getting a fact packed, fun presentation each night. I’m big into science and love the outdoors, so for me this was like the ultimate vacation. I definitely want to head back again in the next few years for another Iceland vacation, probably during winter so I can get a chance to see the Lights again.

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